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No matter what brings you to Vancouver, whether it’s sightseeing, adventures, skiing, or just a leisurely break away from your native areas, Vancouver is among one of the best and most fun places to travel on the map! With hiking, camping, skiing, cycling, quilting, computer classes and visual arts classes that are among some of the things you can do for free, there are also several options if you want to go on a professionally guided tour. There are city tours, whale-watching tours, fishing tours, you name it!

The Most Popular Activities in West Vancouver

The Vancouver to Victoria and Butchart Gardens Tour is a nice little outing for some of the prettiest manmade gardens, and if you prefer a little more natural stimulation, the West Vancouver Sea Wall is infamous for attracting visitors, and Whitecliff Park is great for pictures and natural beauty as well. Sewell's Marina will take you skipping across the water, and you can even rent your own boat! Whether you're into sightseeing, skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, or just walking around taking pictures of the lighthouse, you will not be hurting for fun things to do in West Vancouver. There is an aquatic center, if you prefer indoor heated pools, they have you covered for some safe and warm swimming. Be sure to check out the West Vancouver Museum for an incredible selection of history, art, and photographs, if that's your thing. Along with the coastal and natural activities, you have the common collection of gift shops, malls, bars and theaters, and just a heads up, the Park Royal Mall will have everything under the sun if you want to shop.

Where to Eat! After a long day of sightseeing or boat riding, when everybody is hungry, these restaurants are sure to have what you are looking for!

Wildebeest - Under Executive Chef Alessandro Vianello, the Widebeest restaurant prides themselves on the use of local farms, and organically fed animals. The menu is chocked full of Bison, Angus, Salmon, and Elk, and they have a GLUTTONY section that will challenge even the heartiest of eaters with a 32-ounce ribeye. I hear the spare ribs are right on time, and the service is top notch.

Diva at the Met - Also taking great pride in using local ingredients from farmers, fishermen, and artisans, Diva at the Met mixes traditional and modern cooking techniques to come up with Cascadian cuisine that is absolutely decadent! From spaghetti to fettucine, and even burgers, you will find something on the menu to hush any appetite, and with a pretty delicious mix of steak, seafood, duck, and an ample salad and appetizer selection, you will surely not be void of choices!

Poor Italian - Founded in 2009, and inspired by old fashioned Italian cooking, the Poor Italian is anything but poor. This restaurant comes highly recommended, and features handmade Gnocchi, lasagna, and ravioli. Perfect for the romantic date, and a variety of house baked breads and desserts. The Italian and worldwide wine selections are very ample, bring the family and get ready, because this Italian Icon would sit pretty at the number one spot in West Vancouver!

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