Who We Are and Why Contracting?

Today, West Vancouver Tree Service Contracting is more than a brick and mortar tree service company. We started out just like any professional, a keen interest in nature followed by years of trainings and hands-on experience in the trade. Needless to say, our master tree specialist Y.B. has spent so much time in the woods, he hops up a tree like a squirrel returning to his nest. We have passion in what we do and we are good at it! That is the core of the business, providing expertise in the trade and offering knowledge and consultation to our clients. Our utmost important aspect of the business is safety. Removing trees, especially over-sized growth can be very dangerous. When contacting us for a quote, please be patient with us as we assess the scenario with detailed questions. It is in your interest to know that we are fully insured by WCB and we utilize the latest and safest equipments to perform our work.

Why Contracting

Everyone is good at something. We recognize this human nature West Vancouver Tree Service Contracting is founded on the belief that our customers deserve the very best. Instead of performing sub-optimal jobs, we team up the best to deliver the best, simple as that. Whether you are looking for a glamorous landscaping work, or a heavy duty tree removal jobs, or perhaps artistic wood work from the stumps, we got you covered.

West Vancouver Tree Service Contracting Today

It is with great excitement that we announce the addition of our digital marketing team. Thanks to them you are able to see this interactive web page. We go out of our way to put a smile on your face, even if it means venturing out of our comfort zone to find the solution. What are you waiting for? Contact our dedicated team today to get a stress-free quotation!